Startup Grind: Tamaz Georgadze, founder of Raisin

23 მარტი


The fintech fields offers tremendous opportunity to grow valuable companies. One of the Top 5 fintechs in Europe is run by Georgian Dr. Tamaz Georgadze!

How did Tamaz turn his intellectual skills into a successful company which raised another $114MM and is poised to buy a German bank to gain their next level of expansion?

Tamaz grew up in a family of chess players with two of the Giorgadze family achieving the status of Grandmasters. From this background Tamaz demonstrated his early intellectual talents.

But many brilliant people do not achieve commercial success, and few people in the world have achieved the success he has in growing his company Raisin from nothing to a European fintech powerhouse.

Join us for a discussion with Tamaz about his journey from a childhood in the Soviet Union to becoming a Grandmaster in the startup world.

As they say, every "overnight success" has been a long time in the making. Learn about how his education, his time as a partner with a consulting group and his hard work since 2013 produced one of the most successful fintech startups in Europe.


Tamaz will also share the factors that led them to acquire a German bank!