Interpretable Machine Learning

27 დეკემბერი


Our next speaker of Data Science Tbilisi Meetups is Anzor Gozalisvhili, Lead ML Engineer and Data Scientist at MaxinAI.
During the meetup, we will talk about Machine Learning Models, the problems with their interpretability, the importance of model interpretability and several methods to interpret models. Anzor will show us some examples of machine learning tasks and model interpretations.

About the speaker:

Anzor Gozalishvili is working at MaxinAI as an ML/AI engineer and Data Scientist from 2018 to present. In 2 years he has delivered up to 10 different projects to different clients (mostly startups). He has working experience mostly in NLP but also in Recommendation Systems and Tabular Data Analysis, using both Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models.

As this is a very last Data Science Tbilisi Meetup for 2019, we will also wrap up the year and share our plans for 2020.

Working language: English
This meetup is organized by DataFest Tbilisi in partnership with Fintech.ge
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