How To Successfully Lead AI Project

17 დეკემბერი


Nowadays we have lots of buzzwords related to AI, but what all of us know is the fact - if it is an AI project we need the data, later we train the model on data and voila, we are ready to go. But it’s not always like that, one needs to follow certain steps to get to the successfully trained and running model. During the meetup, Erekle Magradze will talk about these steps based on his experience and best practices.

About the speaker:
Erekle Magradze was working for more than 12 years in various fields of IT. In particular, he gained experience in software development, parallel programming, distributed computing and storage systems, Grid and Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Big Data Systems, DevOps and Data Ops.
He is currently involved in academic processes, which lasts more than 15 years, from which 8 years he was working and doing research at CERN, LHC experiments. Currently, he is an Associate professor of Computer Science at Ilia State University and academic staff at San Diego State University Georgia.
Last year, he founded DevOps Georgia and already organized two DevOps conferences in Georgia, DevOps Con Tbilisi 2018 and 2019. These conferences, aim to develop and grow DevOps and the automation community in Georgia.
Since November 2019, he joined an amazing team of MaxinAI as a Director of Engineering.

The working language: English
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The meetup is organized by DataFest Tbilisi in partnership with Fintech.ge